UKEC and GRADUAN are taking a proactive role in providing a platform for career opportunities for Malaysians in the United Kingdom

For the 15th year, Malaysian graduates from all over the United Kingdom will have the opportunity to secure a career back home in Malaysia!

This year promises an even better and fruitful event to create a platform for Malaysian talents in the United Kingdom, as well as employers and institutions back home. UKEC-GRADUAN brings you TOP Malaysian based employers with a desire to recruit Malaysians that are currently studying in the United Kingdom.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to engage with nearly 40 Malaysian based companies at the Malaysian Career Fair 2019!

The Malaysian Career Fair 2019 Playlist


6th April 2019 7th Apr 2019 8th-9th Apr 2019
Corporate Luncheon Career Fair Interview Sessions

Inspiring The Next Generation of Leaders

The Malaysian Career Fair spans across four days with programmes and activities tailored for talent looking to secure career opportunities with Malaysia's Top Employers.

Gain experience and insights while attending the corporate luncheon and specially crafted interview sessions!

Corporate Luncheon

A platform for the cream of the crop, making it possible for overseas graduates to engage with their future employers.

Introduced six years ago, this exclusive networking session aims to provide a space for talents to network and mingle with CEOs and top management of Malaysia's leading companies. The luncheon brings the gap closer between Malaysia's best overseas talent and their potential employees. It allows top industry players and talents to be acquainted via exchange of ideas between them during the session. In addition to the forums, presentations by the companies will be introduced to the talents. The luncheon hopes to empower its delegates by having a clearer view of their career path after meeting the key players from various industries.

How to be part of the Corporate Luncheon?

Submit your CV before 11th of March 2019 and stand a chance to be one of the top 150 to receive this exclusive invitation!


The latest CV uploaded will be set as the current one for employers to access.

Those with an existing GRADUAN.COM account: Sign in to your existing GRADUAN.COM account and click ‘MY RESUME’ to upload your latest CV and update details. Then, click register to event under the The Malaysian Career Fair 2019 Tab.

Those without an existing GRADUAN.COM account: Sign up to the event at by creating your GRADUAN.COM profile. Upload your latest CV and details for employers to get to know you a little better.

Participating employers will have access to the CV database and will be in touch with you to schedule interview sessions. The earlier you submit your CV, the higher your chances are to be selected and identified.

The deadline for CV submission is 19th of March 2019.

The Corporate Luncheon is an invite-only session of the top 150 high-performing candidates. To be in the running, kindly register for the Career Fair and submit your latest CV. Should you be selected, an invite will be sent to your mailbox!

Participating employers receive thousands of CVs/applications via their corporate website daily. By submitting your CV at, you are guaranteed that the employers are accessing the database daily in order to select candidates to meet and interview while they are in London. This is a more focused and effective approach to land that dream interview.

Also! It gives a chance for other opportunities to come knocking on your door. There might be many other employers providing employment opportunities who may get in touch with you because of your CV in the database pool.

No it does not. Data collected from ranking the companies will be collated and compiled into a study for the employers. It is totally anonymous and you have the option whether or not to participate in the study.